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Hi!  My name is Ben.  I am retired now, but in the late 80's until around 2012, I worked at times as a programmer and software developer.  Now, I do some programming as a hobby, and you will find all of the software and APP's I have developed on the Web for free.

Three of the applications I have written I would consider Vintage.  This is because they were started in the late 80's or mid 90's.  The two from the 80's were developed in FoxPro+ under DOS and Unix, and one was written in FoxPro for Windows and is currently converted to Visual FoxPro 9.0

The two DOS programs are certainly vintage.  Visual FoxPro is no longer supported by Microsoft.  However both the DOS programs, as well as the Visual FoxPro program have been maintained to run under Windows.  Including Windows 10.  This was done for the DOS programs by making a few  modifications some years ago, and using DosBox ( a DOS emulator ), and some software that lets my programs print under Windows.

All three programs come in a setup.exe files, and are easily installed onto the Windows desktop.  The programs are found in the Vintage Software page, and are easily downloaded.  Instructions are found in the manuals, and in the readme files that are found after installation, in the program directory.  All program directorys are seen in the setup routine.  You should copy them down when installing, so you know where they are.  Do not use any paths with spaces, as the programs don't support that.

Enjoy all these programs from the past, and use the readme files and included manuals for ease of use.

The next group of software has been written for Windows, Web, and Android.  They are modern APP's written within the last 10 years.  They include a Windows APP written in Access for Writing Invoices and tracking accounting information, a similar APP but especially for Auto Shop Management, and a small business Payroll APP you install on the WEB.  Then there is a small APP for General Ledger entry, and Financial Statement Creation.  Then there is a Straight Line Depreciation WEB APP.

APP's for Statistics can also be installed on either your Android devices, or on your Windows or OS device.  You will find the Android Statisics APPs on the Google Play Store in your Phone, computers browser, or other Device.

Finally, you will find some books I have written on Bookkeeping and PHP/MySQL Programming.  They are saved in PDF files, and can be read on your device, or printed.

All the above are FREE!  You can either just experiment with them, or use them in your small business.

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